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Property gains tax calculator – avoid uncertainties during the sale

The property gains tax calculator for an initial preliminary clarification allows you to quickly and without obligation sound out the optimization potential for how much property gains tax can be saved.

Calculations and documents from the property gains tax calculator

The real estate gains tax or property gains tax in the canton of Zurich is progressive and is explained in examples and tables in this article. Other cantons, in particular Aargau, St. Gallen, Bern and Lucerne, can be calculated using our tools. The results are available as a pdf file or can also be adapted during a meeting. 

Further documents for the calculation and tax return

We also provide our property gains tax checklist to help you prepare. The price for preparing a tax return for the declaration of property gains tax can vary; indicative fixed prices can be found in our online price list.


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Cantonal property gains tax calculator

Depending on the canton, the property gains tax can also be calculated by the tax office:

  • Pre-assessment based on the notification from the land registry: this calculation is received in writing, sometimes only on request and in some cantons subject to a charge (for example, in the canton of Bern this simple pre-calculation costs CHF 100). In all cases, this is an approximate calculation based on the information received by the tax office. The disadvantage is that these calculations are only carried out after the sale and certain optimizations are no longer possible.
  • Some cantons offer an online calculator to make it easier to calculate tax rates. In the canton of Zurich, a pdf form is provided for the calculation. This is valid for the city of Zurich and the entire canton and also serves as a tax return for filing. It must be printed out and signed. Further calculations such as the deferral of property gains tax are not carried out.

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