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We are often asked at Simpletax whether taxes could be better optimized. This is usually driven by events such as marriage, children, buying a home, retirement planning or starting a business. However, many people are not sure whether these steps are possible, what the financial and tax consequences are, and what the right measures are.

If this question is clarified in the annual meeting with Simpletax tax consultants, it is often found that these measures can hardly be implemented well without financial professionals and require a lot of specialist knowledge, which in turn can be expensive. In the interests of simple services at clear, mostly fixed target prices, we have set out to find partners who can offer exactly that – and that is Simplefinance.

Such financial services are, for example

  • Pension advice, i.e. clarification of the entire retirement pension, financial security in the event of sudden incapacity to work due to illness or accident
  • Search for the optimal, low health insurance premium
  • Answering the question of whether self-employment requires the establishment of a company, what form this should take and how it can save taxes
  • Long-term tax planning and variant comparisons
  • Estimating the tax consequences of selling your home

Depending on the type of service, we offer free initial consultations, indicative or fixed prices for defined services, as well as further advice. You can find the entire list and more information on the individual subject areas.

The SimpleFinance concept

Just as SimpleTax provides tax services, SimpleFinance helps you to manage your pension, insurance and home financing quickly and optimally. 


Pension advice and financial planning

Tax and financial services for real estate

Insurance and health insurance

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Taxes and finances

Taxes are of particular concern to us, which is why all our SimpleFinance partners always coordinate their recommendations with the long-term tax consequences.

We always keep abreast of the cantons in which legal changes are being implemented and which procedures and deadlines need to be observed. Here you will find a collection of tips and news for some cantons.

tax return aargau

Information, tips and updates on taxes in the canton of Aargau

Here you can find information, tips and updates on taxes in the canton of Zurich, the city of Dübendorf, Regensdorf and the city of Winterthur.

Information, tips and updates on taxes in the canton of St. Gallen


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Real estate, tax consulting

Impact on imputed rental value in cases of hardship

The imputed rental value in the tax return All house and apartment owners who do not rent out are familiar with it, and usually don’t like it. The imputed rental value. Calculated differently depending on the canton but always taxable as income, that is generally known. Reduction of the imputed rental value What many people do not know, however, is that it can be reduced in special cases and only in certain cantons. For example, the Zurich Tax Book writes in its directive: “On the imputed rental value calculated in accordance with the Government Council’s directive to the tax authorities on the valuation of properties and the determination of imputed rental values from the 1999 tax period, the owners of owner-occupied single-family homes, condominiums . . .

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Pension provision, deductions, income, insurance

Pillar 3a: Maximum tax deductions in 2024

Increased tax deduction for Pillar 3 in 2024 Pillar 3a supplements the AHV and BVG. Payments into a pillar 3a account or insurance policy can be deducted from taxes. For Pillar 3 2024, the maximum amount remains at CHF 7,056 for employees. For self-employed persons or persons without a pension fund, the maximum contribution is CHF 35,280 or a maximum of 20 percent of net income. (Source: BSV) The exact conditions and restrictions for tax deductions for pillar 3a vary from person to person. It is therefore advisable to find out about the exact regulations and, if necessary, to consult a tax advisor to find out . . .

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Simpletax, real estate, tax consulting

Deferral of property gains tax in the canton of Zurich

The deferral of property gains tax in the canton of Zurich facilitates the purchase of a replacement property when a move to a new home is imminent. Taking the canton of Zurich as an example, the following table shows the three cases in which the tax is fully deferred, partially deferred or must be paid immediately and in full. Optimizing the deferral of property gains tax In detail, it is important to optimize the investment costs and all possible deductions. At the same time, the replacement property should be designed in such a way that the two real estate transactions fit together. If mortgages still have to be amortized or transferred, things can get complicated. It should also be noted that replacement properties are only available for . . .

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Simpletax, real estate, special taxes

Property gains tax checklist

Simpletax publishes a revised property gains tax checklist. It lists the most important documents and receipts for completing the tax return quickly. Property gains tax checklist: which deadlines apply? For most cantonal tax offices, the deadline for submitting the tax return is only 30 days. Depending on the object and documentation, the receipts can fill folders. It therefore makes sense to clarify this with the tax office and extend the deadline. With Simpletax, you can easily delegate property gains tax and save time and taxes. The property gains tax checklist helps you to collect the documents efficiently. This checklist was primarily developed for the cantons of Zurich, Aargau, Bern, St. Gallen and Lucerne. The situation in other . . .

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Deductions, real estate, assets

How safe is my money in a bank account?

How safe is my money? The risk of loss is not only the sudden total default of the bank as the account holder’s debtor, but also a creeping loss due to taxes, fees or investment risks. How safe is my money from loss? In the event of the bankruptcy of a bank, deposit protection applies up to CHF 100,000 in Switzerland. The same mechanism exists abroad, in Germany up to 100,000 euros or 200,000 euros for couples, in the USA up to 250,000 dollars per account. In general, the requirements for licensed banks have increased in recent years and the likelihood of losing deposits is even higher .

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Income, deadlines, entrepreneur, Zurich

Simple tax advice in Zurich: 2 variants

How do I find a simple tax consultancy in Zurich? From the simplest services to very comprehensive tax advice, everything can be found in Zurich. At Simpletax, we have analyzed several 10,000 tax cases and grouped the most common needs into 2 packages. Have your tax return completed, the simple service Simpletax offers simple tax advice with the completion of every tax return. This ensures that all deductions are made and everything is declared correctly. Every year, all aspects of tax liability are analyzed. This happens when filling out the form, but is essentially documented during the preliminary meeting, the submission of the documents and the answering of any questions. With a . . .

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